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Dia 17 de abril...

Hoje completam 13 anos de um dos maiores conflitos por terra no estado do Pará.

O massacre de Eldorado dos Carajás {17/04/1996} foi marcado pela violência extrema entre policiais militares e integrantes do MST.

O MST marchavam pela PA-150 em direção à Belém para uma audiência com o então governador Almir Gabriel. Próximo ao município de Eldorado dos Carajás, os manifestantes bloquearam a rodovia.

Um batalhão da PM foi enviado para desobstruir a rodovia e foi recebido com pedras, terçados, foices e até com tiros. Os policiais reagiram e o fim da história provavelmente vocês já conhecem

Morreram 19 pessoas, ficaram 45 feridas (números do IML de carajás)...

Hoje tivemos passeatas e manifestações aqui em Belém.

E eu gostaria de saber de vocês o que acham disso? Sobre o "massacre", sobre as manifestações constantes, sobre a postura dos PM... enfim... vamos papear.


Por: Vinicius Mello.

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Kraxpelax disse...

It was so simple; and satisfactory enough. I was somewhat sidetracking earlier. Relevant ideas, not hitting the mark.

It's John 6:66. Not all too conspicuous in itself. But see the context.

Who will be saved? Its told with perfect clarity in above all Matt 19:31-46.

In verses preceding John 6:66, its clearly stated the words given by the Father is the Spirit, attracting you or not. What do you say, "Oh Mystery! Oh Mystery!". No fucking "mystery" here. Just read what is said clearly enough. You don't like it? OK, just STEP BACK and misuse Matt 19:26 to explain it all away (as can readily be seen, it's the perfect tool to cancel absolutely anything just ad lib), and exclaim again: "oh, Mystery!" - and then you turn it all into precisely that kind of religious suprestitious bullsh*t mumbo-jumbo Jesus crystal creedence clearly turned AGAINST, paying dearly for it. What the heck, of course all is Mystery to the one understanding nothing. I tell you: someone that goddamn stupid does not deserve Salvation, and if he DOES understand the obvious, and still denies it, he deserves Hell.

You think God works miracles? He does nothing of the kind. That's superstition and nothing else. He works solely through Logos, his Word, and Word means word, words, so you read them and you eat it, and was it made flesh too? Sure, we've got that perfectly sound Catholic koan class perfect abstracton and reduction, Corpus Christi Amen, sacramental grace, fine, I buy that, why shouldn't I, it costs me nothing, its for free.

Jesus, as we meet him in New Testament, did NOT exist as a historical person. That's a myth. Still, I don't take back ANYTHING. It's all REAL, you just got it all WRONG. He is, to some, and greatly varying, extent part of anyone of us, and he died and resurrected through generations and through centuries. Incarnation mighty fairly good enough to me.

And, btw, I checked the books of NT, and I couldn't find another 6:66.

Waiting for His return? It's too late folks! He was already HERE, and caught you all asleep (except for me).

Whom am I then, besides that man having Judgment? What do I know, I'm just another guy. But check my natal chart Lund Sweden 25 march 1951 12:15 daytime, and ask an astronomer about Halley's Comet. Superstition? Nah, what the fuck do I know about how it all works out. Just goddamn meaningful coincidence.

And: I DO seem to be the One with judgment told about you should know where. This accepted, I'm the smartest person there ever was, and will ever be. (My IQ established by WAIS III happens to be sky high as well.)

666 means: you made it. You saved youself, or you did not, and you KNOW it. And you cannot do anything about it anymore; it's too late.

In addition, as told below, we have the striking numerical/symbolical pliabilty of 666, and the coincidental fact 6 is SEX on Swedish; and I am Swedish; and my great theological innovation is the insight into equivalence og God and Sex. To understand thiss little floating article accurately in some depth, it's highly recommendeble you read the blog in its entirety. It's Rainbow Warrior. COPYDUTY EVERYBODY.

And leat, but not last, the Number relates perfectly to the Terrible Oracle, I Ching, signyfing transfiguration of Yin to Yang, weakness to Strength, and what's that, if not Christ? Hail the Cross! Death and Resurrection. So: the Terrible Oracle itself CONFIRMS Christian Faith through the Terrible Number; and I, Peter Ingestad from Sweden, was the wiseguy to find out.

You don't enjoy this? All right, make a cleansweep, declare me insane, declare me Antichrist, I don't much care; but this WILL haunt you in your dreams from now on, and there is NO ESCAPE.

Finally: one thing: don't you FUCK with me. It ain't healthy. OK?

That's it, folks. Game over. Easter close, lights out, there will not be light again, except for the Hawking radiation of... let's say, Matthew 19:26. Good night.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit +, hail Satan.

Daniel Savio disse...

Bem, é algo complicado, pois a PM acha que reprimindo com mais violência vai minimizar a necessidade de ações de tal cunho (ou até mesmo pelo um jugalmente errado de usar mais agressividade para se defender), por consequência, a população acaba ficando mais agressiva com a presenção da PM...

Resumo da história: Acaba gerando um ciclo vicioso de violência que só vai acabar se alguém ceder um pouco na sua conduta.

Fiquem com Deus, menino Vinicius e galera.
Um abraço.

Marina Melow disse...

Prefiro não opinar sobre tal assunto.

Bruno - Inutilidade Jovem disse...

1) Quem é esse Suéco (maluco)?!

[se a Nathi falasse inglês, ia desconjurar o tal :P]

Então...Repressão violenta não leva a nada, só gera mais violência, como disse acima Daniel Savio...

Ahh, o mundo tá perdido mesmo...

Viva o Anarquismo, Love and Peace for all!

Dora disse...

Eu acho que "a corda sempre arrebenta no lado mais fraco", não adianta. Sempre é assim. Tomare que um dia isso mude...(?!)
Obrigada pela visita. Bom domingo.
Cheiro grande.

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